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New ideas for difficult problems




​Tridea Works has the depth and breadth of experience necessary to address information solutions and services associated with both government and commercial industries.  Tridea Works' staff has extensive experience supporting the government since 1996 and provides the necessary continuity for a multi-faceted program spanning program management to detailed technical experience to ensure goals and objectives are met. 



Tridea Works provides government clients and enterprises with services ranging from advanced technical analytics to information technology consulting services and program management.  Our diverse skills and history of practical application ensure our organically developed solutions are cost-effective and drive mission success.



Tridea Works is an established and growing business with opportunities in the state, local, federal, and commercial consulting spaces.  Come join our team of talented professionals and apply your skillset to some of the nation's most toughest challenges.  Tridea Works is a veteran-friendly certified small business with offices in the northern VA, and Fredericksburg, VA area.


Tridea Works leadership founded the company on the principle that “The Right Idea Works.”  Our leaders have forged a reputation of innovative and effective delivery for the federal government since 1996.


Based in Vienna, VA, Tridea Works takes pride in a workforce renowned for top-quality delivery and subject matter expertise.  Our employees are a diverse mix of engineers, subject matter experts and industry leaders.  We specialize in Telecommunications Engineering, Information Technology and Program Management and stand at the ready to meet all of our customer needs; no matter what the challenge.




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