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At Tridea Works we pride ourselves in our people.
Network and Engineering Services
Tridea Works has over a decade of experience evaluating, testing, and documenting networks and networking related capabilities.  Tridea Works' engineers understand the business and legal needs of service providers, equipment manufacturers and government entities alike, thereby developing adaptive processes and reports to accommodate many services and technologies and their application to differing environments.  Similarly, this experience has given Tridea Works knowledge and experience with services and technologies such as Wi-Fi and Smart App communications, and the underlying technologies and solutions utilized by service providers to address interconnected networks and perform network monitoring of Mediation Functions (MF) and probes.  Reciprocally, this experience provides Tridea Works' engineers insight into weak or deficient areas of existing implementations and areas of technical capabilities that are ambiguous.  This knowledge has greatly enhanced Tridea Works' ability to collaborate and facilitate solutions to the growing technical challenges faced by clients. 
Telecommunications Standards Engineering


Tridea Works has unique and unparalleled experience in identifying, evaluating, and specifying technical requirements for services as well as leading domestic and international industry standards engagements to develop standardized solutions for a multitude of technologies such as, LTE,  UMTS/GPRS, cdma2000, wireline, fixed wireless (e.g., wireless ISP), Cable, WiMAX, Femtocells.  Successfully completing such complex technical work was possible due to the depth and breadth of technical expertise of Tridea Works' engineers including expertise in a myriad of network architectures and protocols that include Next Generation Packet Networks, 3G and 4G wireless packet architectures, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), H.323, IPv4 and IPv6, among others.
Tridea Works' senior standards engineers average 20 years experience in identifying requirements and developing domestic and international standards for numerous features and services (e.g., Wireless Priority Service, Voice over Packet, ISDN Basic Voice and Supplementary Services, E9-1-1, Centrex/PBX/Virtual PBX Services, SCTP [improved TCP], Internet Access, and Video calling).  Such a broad array of standards experience can be brought to bear on a client's technical standards efforts to overcome any challenge.
These experiences also facilitated Tridea Works' amassing a wealth of knowledge and expertise with technologies and services such as Wi-Fi, instant messaging, e-mail, as well as Smart App communications.  Tridea Works is uniquely suited to leverage its commercial expertise as well as its regulatory and governmental expertise to enable clients to develop standards and specifications needed to address critical needs.
Cyber Security and Intelligence


With the recent surge in Computer Network Operations our clients recognize the greater and immediate need for cyber services and intelligence.  Utilizing a methodology that proactively analyzes threat intelligence, implements pre-emptive measures, and plans for immediate and forceful response of any realized threats or attacks on our networks, Tridea Works stands at the ready to meet all of our client cyber security and intelligence needs.


 Our on-staff professionals are DoD 8570 compliant and skilled at working operational and security challenges in some of the most difficult environments in the world.  To support every facet of  our threat intelligence-driven solution, our teams tap into the full suite of Tridea Works cyber capabilities and subject-matter experts to meet an organization’s cybersecurity needs. We believe it takes a network to defend one.

Program Management
Tridea Works has a vast depth experience in supporting and managing complex programs and initiatives.  Its staff has been integrally involved in providing program support to a number of technically oriented initiatives to include:
Manage Mission Critical Tasks – Tridea Works supports clients in their management of mission critical tasks across multiple functional areas.  Tridea Works has experience in supporting clients on multi-faceted projects and understands the needs to take a holistic approach in the management of complex and evolving initiatives.
Budget Program Support Services – Tridea Works provides program-level support services in the form of budget evaluation analyses and development of draft submissions and programmatic justifications.  Tridea Works collaborates closely with client's executive management and project leaders to provide recommendations for specific courses of action within applicable tasks.  Tridea Works incorporates client directives, as well as integrate approved recommendations into a program structure to take into account a holistic approach to addressing projects.
Project Strategic Planning Support Services – Tridea Works teams up with client management and staff to ensure tasks are coordinated and progress is made against program-specific goals and objectives.  Tridea Works accomplishes this by assisting the client with the facilitation of communications with stakeholder representatives to identify, document, address, and resolve issues directly related to the mission goals and objectives.
Policy and Strategy Support Services – Tridea Works develops white papers, presentations, and/or other briefing material necessary to assist in the progression of client programs, policies, and strategic efforts.  All of these efforts include planning, strategizing, updating, briefing, reporting, and providing analyses of client initiatives. 
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